Functioning Form: 2008 Retrospective

by December 28, 2008

As 2008 comes to a close, I present a Functioning Form anniversary special: eight of 2008's public and personal favorites. For even further nostalgia, check out my seven favorites from 2007, six favorites from 2006, five from 2005, and four favorites from 2004.

2008 Favorites (the most popular articles this year)

Sign Up Forms Must Die

"I discuss alternative approaches to getting people engaged and interested in Web applications and services. Ways that don't require an explicit sign-up form."

Video: The Business Value of Design

"Video from the Business Value of Design panel with myself, Dave Blakey (IDEO), David Watson (Disney/ABC), Jason Brush (Schematic), Jimmy Kim (Nexon), and our moderator Will Tschumy (Microsoft)."

International Address Fields in Web Forms

"I outline many of the international address variations designers need to consider and a few solutions to the problem."

Audio: Content page design best practices

"Content Page Design Best Practices talk at IA Summit 2008, where I presented a framework for thinking about how to optimize content pages for the dynamic ecosystem of the Web instead of the structured hierarchy of a Web site."

Some Things I Learned From Architecture School

"I read through Matthew Frederick’s 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School. Among the many insightful points is a set of design principles and approaches that really resonated with me as a digital product designer."

Smart Nodes in An Organization

"I walk through some global trends that provide designers with an opportunity for leadership roles."

Previous and Next Actions in Web Forms

"A discussion on the placement of actions in Web forms that span several Web pages."

Audio: Visual Design Misconceptions with Luke Wroblewski

"I talk a bit about common Visual Design Misconceptions and the importance of visual design in helping users accomplish core tasks and strategic business goals."

More retrospectives: seven favorites from 2007, six favorites from 2006, five favorites from 2005, and four favorites from 2004.