Follow-Ups: 10-27-05

by October 27, 2005

Follow up for User Experience Strategy

A Rough Design Maturity Model -Business+Design

"Something that causes all kinds of misunderstanding in the design community and business press is when people talk about “Design” but mean different things. I think that we can describe different kinds of design practice. Interestingly, those practices vary across a continuum of maturity from no conscious design effort to design that redefines and reframes the way a corporation sees the world."

Follow up for Wonder, Fiction, and Design

The Wonderful Power of Storytelling -Bruce Sterling

Speech from the Computer Game Developers Conference, March 1991, San Jose CA

Follow up for The Natural Movement

Biomimicry Principles -World Changing

"Many people have abstracted principles of how nature designs. The following list is what I consider the distilled combination of those enumerated by Janine Benyus, Michael Braungart and William McDonough, Kevin Kelly, Steven Vogel, D'Arcy Thompson, Buckminster Fuller, Julian Vincent, Dee Hock, and my own limited experience."