Data Monday: The Cross Channel Customer

by February 20, 2012

It should come as no surprise that a cross channel customer (mobile, desktop, physical, etc.) is more valuable for companies than people only engaged in one channel. After all one plus one equals two, right? Actually, it's often more as this recent data shows.

  • Pharmacy chain Walgreen’s has found that customers who engage in more than 1 channel are 3x more valuable than single channel customers. Walgreen’s channels support each other: SMS grows apps, Web grows mobile, stores grow SMS. Their customers don’t differentiate channels. (source)
  • Walgreen's "pickup in an hour" lead to redesigned Web site that increased Web traffic 50%. Half of their Web site visitors say their next action is to go store. People utilize desktops for initial contact and sign ups, but use mobile for follow ups. More than 40% of Walgreen's on-line prescriptions come from mobile scanning apps. SMS notification are sent when orders are ready. Special parking space for store pickup is provided thereby completing a cross-channel loop.(source)
  • Retailer Sears set up a "returns in 5 minutes" program that starts online then allows people to drop off returns at a physical location. Mobile works much better than desktop for this program. Sears also provides special parking spots to customers who buy online and pickup in the store. (source)
  • Studies show that people interact on social media during TV shows. So MTV built a mobile app for fans to use during award shows. They got 1M interactions from TV ad support to a mobile URL that supported multitasking behavior of people watching TV and utilizing their mobile device simultaneously. (source)
  • Not only does the Mac App Store get the productivity app, EverNote new users, it makes existing users more valuable. iTunes downloads for iOS devices were up by 54% during the same week that the EverNote Mac App Store app came out. People who use Evernote from multiple devices are much more likely to stick around and to eventually pay for the premium version. (source)
  • Facebook's mobile users now account for more than half of its base, and they're more than twice as engaged as desktop users. (source)