Data Monday: Best of 2011

by December 26, 2011

As we head into 2012, and leave a full year of Data Mondays behind us, here's the sets of data from 2011 you found most interesting.

Mobile Only

By 2015 40% of the World's population will have access to the Internet. But a surprising number of people will be mobile first or mobile only users.

The Transition

It's no secret, we're moving to a mobile computing World. But what might be surprising is how much of the future is here already. To illustrate, here's a few data points on the shift from PCs, laptops, and notebooks to the real personal computer: the mobile.

iPhone's Disproportionate Use

Not all smart phones are created equal. With a new iPhone announcement coming this week, it's a good time to revisit just how much mobile usage Apple's smartphone drives.

The Hidden Smartphone "Market"

While most reports about mobile operating systems focus on smartphone market share, there's a more interesting story about what platform is "winning" happening behind the scenes.

Mobile App Usage

As the number of native mobile applications keeps growing, it's worth looking at how they get used. To that end, here's a few stats about people downloading apps and what what they do with them afterward.