Data Monday: Apple's Market Share Per Category

by October 5, 2009

These days it seems like Apple Inc. is getting to more markets each year. From computers to music to phones to games, the list keeps getting longer. So how is the company doing in some of these categories?

  • Games: Number of games available on Sony PSP portable gaming platform: 607 titles. Nintendo DS portable gaming platform: 3,680. iPhone OS: 21,178 titles (source)
  • Operating System: OSX users grew from zero to 25 million from 2002 to 2007. In the past two years (2007-2009), the number of OSX users tripled (source)
  • Operating System: Apple had 5.12% of the operating system market in September 2009 (source)
  • Operating System: More than a sixth of all Macs are already running Mac OS X Snow Leopard in just over a month of use (source)
  • Web Browser: Safari had 4.24% of Web browser share in September 2009 (source)
  • Web Browser: 65% of all mobile Web browsing is on the iPhone or iPod Toouch (source)
  • Phones: Appleā€™s iPhone accounted for only 8% of handset industry revenues but 32% of industry operating profits (source)
  • Phones: The iPhone's worldwide smart phone market share was 40 percent in August 2009. Nokia's Symbian OS had 34% and Google's Android had 7% (source)
  • Phones: Sold over 30 million iPhones (source)
  • Mobile Apps: There are now 85,000 apps available to customers in 77 countries worldwide (source). The Google Android marketplace has 10,000 apps available to customers (source).
  • Mobile Apps: Over 2 billion app downloads -not including application updates (source)
  • Mobile Apps: On average, users download 6.6 million apps per day (source)
  • Mobile Apps: Developers have downloaded the SDK over a million times (source)
  • Ecommerce: iTunes has 100 million accounts with credit cards and one click purchasing set up. (source)
  • Music: iTunes is the number one music retailer in the World and in 23 different countries. (source)
  • Music: iTunes Genius features uses 27 million libraries of about 2,000 songs to make listening recommendations. (source)
  • Music: Over 220 million iPods sold with 73.8% marketshare of digital music players. Over 20 million iPod Touches sold. (source)
  • Music: Apple iTunes leads in the U.S. with 25 percent of music units sold, which is up from 21 percent in 2008 and 14 percent in 2007. (source)
  • Music: Consumer downloads from iTunes comprised 69 percent of the digital music market in the first half of 2009, followed by AmazonMP3 at 8 percent. (source)
  • Computers: Apple has a 91% share of the $1,000-plus computer market (source)
  • Computers: In the PC industry, the company enjoys an estimated 25% of industry profits, despite capturing only 6% of industry revenues (source)