Data Monday: Mobile App Store Sizes

by October 12, 2009

With the number of smartphone users expected to quadruple by 2013, research firm Yankee Group predicted that users of the devices will download 7 billion apps costing $4.2 billion by that year. But what's happening with mobile app stores now?

  • The Apple App Store has 85,000 apps available (source).
  • The Google Android marketplace has 10,000 apps available (source).
  • The Palm App Catalog has around 125 or 127 apps available (source).
  • The Windows Marketplace for Mobile has at least 100 apps available (source).
  • Apple's App Store apps have been downloaded over two billion times (source).
  • Palm's App Catalog apps have been downloaded some 7.5 million times (source).
  • Only 19 percent of Android users download at least one paid application per month, compared to 40 and 50 percent for iPod Touch and iPhone owners (source)
  • iPhone/iPod Touch owners, an average, spend $5 to buy five paid apps every month. (source)
  • The average price of apps is expected to rise to $2.37 in the next five years (source).
  • There are some $200 million worth of applications sold in Apple’s App Store store every month, or about $2.4 billion a year (source).
  • The Android marketplace brings in about $5 million a month or on a run rate to do $60 million in a year (source).