Data Monday: App Store Sizes

by Luke Wroblewski November 23, 2009

In October, I posted numbers on the general size and sales trends of mobile app stores. For this month, here's a wider look at mobile and TV app stores sizes.

  • Apple App Store: 100,000 apps available (source)
  • Nokia Ovi Store: 20,000 "titles" available. These are not all apps. In fact, the vast majority are multimedia content. (source)
  • Android Market: 12,000 apps available (source)
  • Blackberry App World: 2,000 apps available (source)
  • Optus Application Store: 1,000 apps available (source)
  • Samsung Application Store: 597 apps available (source)
  • Microsoft Marketplace: 376 apps available (source)
  • Palm App Store: 325 apps available (source)
  • Symbian Horizon: 61 apps available (source)
  • Verizon VCast App Store: planned for Q4 (source)
  • Optus Store: planned to launch with 1,000 apps (source)
  • Verizon Fios TV: 40 apps available (source)
  • Yahoo! Connected TV: 20 apps available (source)
  • Roku Channel Store: 10 apps available (source)