When Design Influences Strategy…

by October 9, 2008

This year, Tom Chi & I presented our Influencing Strategy by Design workshop to over a hundred professional designers from across the World. At the start of each course we asked attendees to share what they wanted to see as a result of greater strategic influence. Here’s a compilation of what we’ve heard.


  • As designers, we’d like to define solutions not just look & feel
  • We don’t want to waste time on things that don’t make an impact
  • Ensure better decisions get made
  • Be considered an indispensible part of the team

Product Success

  • Make sure we solve the right problem
  • Bring the user perspective to the products and services our organization delivers
  • Deliver appropriate market solutions that meet different user’s needs
  • Create products people love!

Company Success

  • Be core partner in organizational rejuvenation
  • Gain competitive advantage: lead the market, make money
  • Have a cohesive direction for our organization

Personal Achievement

  • Pride, satisfaction, and job enjoyment
  • Ensure I utilize my creativity
  • Get ideas into the world
  • Think more like an executive