Defining the Problem Summary

by September 15, 2006

As the Defining the Problem topic has stretched across several articles and interviews on Functioning Form, I thought it would be worthwhile to consolidate things into a single resource.

Defining the Problem

How can design become part of the strategic process? By helping to define (or redefine) the problem your business needs to address.

Defining the Problem: Q&A with Tom Chi

We talked with Tom about how defining the problem is a natural fit for designers.

Defining the Problem: Q&A with Jamie Hoover

Jamie detailed how he leveraged design artifacts to reframe how eBay thought about customer acquisition.

Defining the Problem: Q&A with Kevin Cheng

Kevin discussed how visual narratives could be used to define problems.

Defining the Problem: Q&A with Jen Kozenski & Larry Cornett

We spoke with Larry and Jen about how they convinced a massive e-commerce site it needed to rethink its information architecture.

The Process of Defining the Problem

The process of defining the problem requires broad research that can be distilled into concise criteria for success.

Getting to Define the Problem

Its unlikely that clients will allocate time and money to reframe problems, designers often have to drive the process themselves.