Data Monday: Increasing iPhone Sizes

by October 14, 2013

As rumors around increasing iPhone sizes (4.8" and 6") continue to swirl, it's worth looking at how prevalent Apple's last iPhone size increase (to 4") is.

  • Apple is set to ship their 700 millionth iOS device this October. (source)
  • Of these, around 300 million are estimated to be actively used iPhones. (source)
  • During 2013, more than half of iPhones sold were 4 inch iPhone 5 models. (source)
  • So we can't expect more than 150M active 4" iPhones. In fact, our analytics on Polar reveal 42% of users are using 4" screens making the number closer to 120 million.
  • Mixpanel's Analytics show the percentage of 4" active screens to be 44.9% adding up to 135 million. (source
  • Last month two new 4 inch models were announced, the iPhone 5S and 5C. Apple sold 9M of these in their opening weekend. (source)
  • So the quantity of 4 inch screens should continue to increase but it still doesn't seem to be the majority.