Google I/O 2013: Just the Data

by May 15, 2013

At the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, the company shared how Android and some of their other services are growing. Here's just the data from the opening keynote in May 2013.

  • Android hit 100 million activations in 2011, 400m in 2012, and 900 million in 2013. There are about 400m iOS devices in use. (source)
  • Android is now at 2.4m device activations a day. (source)
  • There have been 48 billion app installs from Google Play. 2.5 billion installs in the last month alone. (source)
  • There were over 450M monthly active users for Chrome in the middle of 2012. Chrome added over 300M new users in the last year, over 750M active monthly users now. A lot of this new growth is coming on phones and tablets. (source)
  • Google Cloud Messaging (which lets developers easily send data between their apps and their servers) is in 60% of apps, and they’re delivering 17 billion messages per day. (source)
  • There are 200 countries on Google Maps. 50 countries in Street View and 5 million miles logged by the Street View cars.Over one million websites using Google Maps. (source)
  • Abandonment rate of shopping carts on mobile is 97% — average of 21 steps to buy something. Using the HTML5 autocomplete function to fill out info — shopping now 3 steps through Google Wallet. (source)

To see the growth, compare this the data Google shared last year.