Data Monday: iPhone's Disproportionate Share

by September 27, 2010

Though Apple's iPhone has a small share of the mobile phone market, it maintains a shocking large share of usage and profits. Here's a few examples:

  • eBay accounts for 50% of mobile e-commerce in the United States. 70% of that comes from the iPhone. (source)
  • 27% of all Yelp searches came from their iPhone application which accounted for only 4% of their total users May 2010. (source)
  • Apple accounted for 4% of mobile handsets sold from Jan to June 2010 but pulled in 39% of the mobile handset industry's profit during that time. The world's three largest handset makers combined only accounted for 32% of profits but 95% of sales. (source)
  • While Apple only sold 4% of mobile handsets worldwide, iOS was responsible for 33% of worldwide mobile browser traffic. (source)
  • In April 2010, Steve Jobs announced that "iPhone had 64% of US Mobile Browser User Share". That number, however, has been disputed
  • iPhones generate as much traffic as 30 basic feature phones. (source)
  • Apple’s iPad Generates 2.5x the Wireless Data Traffic Generated by the iPhone. (source)
  • Also interesting: differences in smartphone satisfaction.