Coming iPhone Software Enhancements...

by July 9, 2009

In recent articles, I've been discussing the impact of sensors on design and the transition from hardware to software. Apple's iPhone platform is a shining example of these trends in action. Today, the Patent Office published several Apple patent applications related to iPhone software. From Mac Rumors:

Object Recognition: Describes methods by which a mobile device user could detect an object via camera, RFID sensor or other means and have their device automatically identify and provide additional information on the object.

Facial Detection: Utilizes automatic facial detection via a camera on the device to determine that a user is present or passively interacting with the device. The method may also be used to grant or deny users access to restricted applications or other data.

Voice Modulation: Describes methods for modulating voice audio output to simulate additional voices. Apple's examples describe a mother who could have an audiobook read in her voice to her child or a student who wishes to alter a section of a podcast lecture for emphasis.

More on these fillings...