Common Capabilities, Different Screens

by July 8, 2009

When personal computing companies build up a compelling platform of hardware and/or software capabilities, they can bring these to life across a range of screens that align with the different facets of people's lives.

  • Palm-sized screens: mobile devices, PDAs, cell phones
  • Lap-sized screens: laptop computers, netbooks, tablets
  • Desk-sized screens: workstations, desktops (perhaps increasingly less important for the home)
  • Wall-sized screens: TVs, wall projectors

Consider the example of Apple Inc. illustrated below. The company has a set of platform capabilities that have been integrated into palm-sized phones and media players, lap-sized computers, and desk-sized workstations. In speculation, they are said to be developing an additional lap-sized screen and perhaps a networked TV (wall-sized screen) as well.

capabilities & screens

Why not? once you have a compelling set of capabilities, you can simply develop additional screens to deliver a multitude of experiences: mobile, 10 ft, work, etc.