Event: Webstock 2008

by January 23, 2008

On February 13 and February 15 I'll be facilitating a workshop and giving a talk at Webstock 2008 in Wellington, New Zealand featuring truckloads of design, development, user experience, web standards, content, community, innovation & inspiration.

Webstock 2008

Web Page Hierarchy

"When a potential customer makes it to one of your Web application's pages, what will they do? Do you want them to sign up, contribute their knowledge, make a purchase, dive deeper into your content? Clearly, these are decisions you don't want to leave up to chance.

In this session, Luke will outline the way people naturally scan Web pages and explain how you can guide users through key content and actions using visual hierarchy to construct meaningful, prioritized page layouts. You'll be taken through several before and after examples with explanations of how a page's content was prioritized, why, and how that priority is being communicated to users so they don't need to rely on chance to use your Web application."

Best Practices for Form Design

"On the Web, forms bridge the gap between people, their information, and your product or service. From registration forms that welcome new customers to checkout forms that finalize e-commerce transactions, Web forms frequently broker crucial online interactions.

In this workshop, Luke will walk you through the considerations and best practices of Web form design culled from international usability testing, eye-tracking studies, and over ten years of designing Web applications. He'll outline how the interaction and visual design of Web forms can make the difference between acquiring a customer and completing a transaction or not.

Attendees will learn about how different types of forms, input fields, input labels, validation, feedback, calls to action, and surrounding visual elements can support or impair different aspects of user behavior, you'll never look at your Web forms the same way again."

Hope to see some of you there.