A Few Form Design Articles

by January 8, 2008

Though I have an upcoming book on the topic, I’m not the only one writing about Web forms. Here are a few recent articles that touch on some interesting or important form design topics.

Messing up the interface

This article does a great job illustrating how forms can get more complicated as numerous departments add their requirements. By visualizing the progression of a simple form to one that meets the needs of sales, engineering, legal, and marketing, this write-up illuminates why forms need to communicate with one voice despite multiple stakeholders.

Wufoo Form Gallery

Online form-builder, Wufoo launched a gallery of HTML templates and CSS themes that allows anyone to create a variety of forms and put them to use quickly. They also added flexible CSS layouts and label placement options to their popular Web form builder.

Approaches to Character Limit Cut-offs

The post outlines a few approaches to communicating text limits within input fields and showcases examples from Twitter and LinkedIn.