MIX07: Getting Unstuck (with video)

by May 4, 2007

Our great hosts at Microsoft's MIX07 event in Las Vegas, just posted video footage from yesterday's Getting Unstuck: Enhancing Designer and Developer Collaboration for Mutual Success panel.

Liz Danzico moderated the panel which consisted of Kristian Bengtsson, Chris Messina, Kelly Goto, and myself.
We discussed ways to keep teams from getting stuck in process, project, and people muck and responded to audience situations during a “lightning round” of Q&A. It was a pleasure to once again speak with such a bright group of folks.

Video from the panel (in Sliverlight, Zune, and WMV formats)

Is your team mired in the goo and muck of old-school thinking? Are your designers and developers divided on their approach and about to throw in the towel? Are you dieing to move to a more agile, innovative approach? Attend the session, then participate in this panel discussion with formerly stuck experts.