Web 2.0 Expo: From Desktop to Device

by April 19, 2007

The From Desktop to Device: Designing the Ubiquitous Mobile Experience panel at Web 2.0 Expo discussed the increasing importance of mobile user experiences and how design and development teams can prepare.

  • What’s the next big thing? “mobile, mobile, mobile” –Eric Schmidt, CEO Google
  • Placelessness: get your information and services wherever you are.
  • Convergence: increasingly about how multiple devices work together vs. integrating functions into one device. True convergence is where content is portable and device independent.
  • Mobility: constant location change.
  • Location-based services: ability for a phone to provide information ad services relevant to where you are and who is near you.
  • Mobile 2.0: convergence of mobile devices and web services. It’s a move from: proprietary formats to standards, walled gardens to web services, first to market to services as platform, brand-centered to user-centered experiences. This transition matches what we saw on the Web
  • XHTML-MP: open standard for developing mobile Web. Makes bringing existing Web content to Mobile Web easy.
  • Devices can be used to replace desktop interactions. Example: Google SMS search.
  • Ubiquity is not limited to the device in your pocket. It requires thinking about content & context.
  • Popular phones in US are quite different from the most popular phones in Europe.
  • Half of planet will have Mobile subscriptions by 2010. Far exceeds desktop growth.