Where Visual Design Meets Usability: Part 1

by June 23, 2006

Posting on Functioning Form has been light this week, as I’ve been recovering from a recent illness. Luckily, the great folks at User Interface Engineering (UIE) have posted some of my thoughts on the overlaps between visual design and usability from a recent interview with UIE’s Joshua Porter:

Where Visual Design Meets Usability - An Interview with Luke Wroblewski, Part 1

"Recently, UIE’s Joshua Porter managed to get a little of Luke’s time to answer some questions about the role of design, which we’re publishing in two parts."

Thanks to Josh for the great questions and to the whole UIE team for inviting me to speak at their User Interface 11 conference this October. In my session, I’ll be diving into how visual design enables appropriate and effective communication with customers, end-users, internal stakeholders, and more.