eBay Express is Live

by April 23, 2006

Prior to joining Yahoo! as a Principal Designer last October, I spent two years as the Lead UI designer for eBay’s platform team. During that time I worked on eBay’s globalization efforts, internal design processes, design pattern library, and the strategic and interaction design of several new products including Kijiji (the first new brand/product ever developed within eBay) and eBay Express.

As such, I’m proud to say that the eBay Express site is now live. Built on top of the eBay platform, eBay Express is a specialty shopping experience that enables people to buy brand new merchandise from eBay sellers through familiar e-commerce conventions such as a shopping cart & quick checkout.

Despite the enormous complexity of building an alternate experience for eBay’s existing seller tools and inventory (I often used the metaphor of building a new city using an older, fully populated, city’s plumbing and roadways), the original design frameworks are very much intact and the site looks great. As I left eBay when the product requirements were complete, congratulations to the entire team that worked on the development phase of this huge project!