Design Vision: Conclusion

by March 13, 2006

The Design Vision conversation wraps up this week on Bob Baxley’s site. Here’s a sampling of what’s in store.

"Today, conversations about design often center around artificial process tools like personas, or how design professionals should work together, or busy work like a usability assessment. Lost in all of the noise is the basic fact that design is a process of creation, and empowering someone to create an effective solution quickly cuts through all of the clutter the typical conversation brings with it." -Dirk Knemeyer

"More and more it’s becoming apparent that the design world, and particular the field of interaction design and information architecture, need real world examples to lead the way. Our field is now beginning to mature and learn what the older and more mature fields of architecture and industrial design have shown for a long time – that it’s not about the talking, but about showing what’s been done. Therein lie the real lessons for our field."-Jim Leftwich

"So finally to Dirk’s question: in terms of responsibility and control, the thing that EVERY designer controls is what gets created. As the person responsible for making ideas visible, all designers control which ideas are eventually expressed as well as how they are expressed." -Bob Baxley

"What I think this all boils down to is what I hope comes out of our conversation: a recognition and ongoing discussion of the role of design vision within organizations and product development processes. And perhaps more importantly: an effort to seed and grow the skills and approaches that define design vision in the next generation of designers."-Luke Wroblewski

Tune in to Baxley Design all this week for the full conversation.