Design Vision: Parts 5-8

by February 13, 2006

The Design Vision conversation continues this week on Dirk Knemeyer's site. Here's a glimpse of what's to come during this week's discussion.

What about an organization makes it ready for design vision?

"In business, great design begins at the top. It requires an executive-level acknowledgement and understanding of the power and value of design, and experience in creating an environment conducive to design success." -Dirk Knemeyer

"As a designer that’s gone from pushing pixels for product managers to sitting at the corporate strategy table, I’m obligated to present a less rosy vision of the process by which design vision is embraced by a company."-Luke Wroblewski

"It may be wrong to ask, 'When is a company ready for design vision?,' and ask instead, 'What is the designer or design group doing to communicate and push aggressively for empowerment to implement broad and integrated design vision?'"-Jim Leftwich

"To answer Dirk’s initial question about when an organization is ready for Design, I’d answer this: in general, an organization is ready for strong, visionary Design when they’ve run out of other options" -Bob Baxley

Tune in to all this week for the full conversation.