So the Necessary May Speak

by November 9, 2005

Hot on the heels of my Design is Communication article comes the inaugural issue of my "Communication Design" column in UXMatters.

This month’s article is titled So the Necessary May Speak and it walks readers through a simple exercise that reduces both visual design and content elements to the minimum amount necessary for effective communication.

Why Communication Design? Though carefully structured organizational systems and well architected interactions are key components of effective interface designs, it is ultimately the presentation of an interface—layout, look and feel—that tells users what a product has to offer and how they can make use of it. As a result, creating usable and engaging interactive products is dependent on our ability, as designers, to communicate with our audience. The better at communicating we are, the easier it is for our audience to understand our messages and intentions and the easier it is for them to use and appreciate the products we design.

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