Follow-Ups: 09-16-05

by September 16, 2005

Follow up for A Difference of Design

Design, Innovation, and World Changing -Jamais Cascio

"Taking a different angle, Wroblewski's list makes me wonder if there's a third column that needs to be added. If the "Business" approach is past its expiration date, and the "Design" approach is ascendent, what kind of approach is waiting in the wings? My first pass at what that might be is in the extended entry."

Follow up for More is More

The Truth About Google's so-called "simplicity" -Don Norman

"Why are Yahoo! and MSN such a complex-looking places? Because their systems are easier to use. Not because they are complex, but because they simplify the life of their users by letting them see their choices on the home page: news, alternative searches, other items of interest. Yahoo! even has an excellent personalization page, so you can chose what you wish to see on that first page."