Data Monday: Touch Laptop Forecasts

by August 13, 2013

Led by Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system, touch interfaces are coming to laptops. But they may be coming a little slower than originally forecast.

  • About 350 million PCs are sold each year compared to the nearly 919 million smartphones and 200 million tablets will be sold this year. (source)
  • World-wide shipments of laptops and desktops fell 14% in the first quarter from a year earlier. That is the sharpest drop since 1994 and the fourth straight quarter of declines. (source)
  • This year 17% to 18% of all notebooks were forecast to have touch. Following sluggish sales, that estimate has been dropped to between 10% and 15% of all laptops. (source)
  • That means up to 90% of the PCs sold this year are not going to have touch.(source)
  • Not all PC manufactures are seeing drops, however. Lenovo's global PC shipments climbed about 10% from the previous year. Hewlett-Packard and Dell,posted double-digit percentage declines. (source
  • 50% of Lenovo's PCs will have touchscreens within the next two to three years. (source