Data Monday: What Are Tablets Killing?

by Luke Wroblewski January 14, 2013

As the popularity of tablet computers continues to grow faster than expected, other classes of devices are seeing decreased use as a result.

  • 122.3 million tablets are forecast to have been sold in 2012, up from previous estimates of 117.1 million units. (source)
  • Worldwide shipments of ebook readers will fall by 36% to 14.9 million units this year, and to 7.1 million units by 2016. The rise of multipurpose tablets are to blame. (source)
  • US sales of Windows devices were down 21% last month compared to last year and Windows-powered notebooks are down by 24%. This decline started since the rise of tablets and smartphones in the market. (source)
  • Consumers are moving away from “single-use” devices (basic mobile phones, point & shoot cameras, music players, etc.) opting instead for those that offer the ability to do many things like smartphones and tablets. (source)
  • This year mobile sales will account for 15% of all US retail e-commerce this year. Tablet purchases will account for 9.4% of all sales this year. Smartphones, which initially had a lead, will contribute 5.3%. (source)