Data Monday: From Game Console to TV

by June 4, 2012

Once the domain of avid gamers, video game consoles are now present in the majority of US households and increasingly used for video entertainment and accessing Web content. So don't forget about these networked consumer device platforms in your multi-device strategies.

  • 56% of US households own at least one current generation gaming console as of January 2012. (source)
  • 65% of video game consoles are located in the living room. (source)
  • Microsoft's Xbox gaming console is the most popular non-PC device to watch Web video in the United States. More people are watching Web videos on the Xbox than on the iPad, iPhone or any Android device. (source)
  • Xbox LIVE subscribers spend an average of 84 hours per month on the console. For comparison, the average American watches a little more than 150 hours of TV in the same period. (source)
  • Microsoft's Xbox video game console is now used more for watching movies and TV shows and listening to music online than playing video games online. (source)
  • The entertainment library on the Xbox includes more than 60 voice controlled applications and over 200,000 movies and TV shows. (source)
  • Since 2005, Microsoft has sold 67 million Xbox consoles and 19 million Kinect accessories. Microsoft's Xbox LIVE service has 40 million members worldwide. (source)
  • Streaming video accounts for 33% of console usage on the Nintendo Wii and 15% on the Playstation 3. (source)