Data Monday: More on Mobile

by November 21, 2011

Looking forward, the majority of Internet use will come from mobile devices (its already happened in some places). But even today some services are beginning to see more of their traffic come from mobile devices than desktops and laptops. Here's a few examples.

  • 55% of Twitter's traffic comes from mobile devices. (source)
  • 60% of Pandora's traffic comes from mobile devices. (source)
  • The Weather Channel registered 1.1 billion online page views in October and 1.3 billion page views on mobile devices. (source)
  • Movie ticketing service Fandango is getting close with 40% of their traffic on mobile. (source)
  • Facebook is also on it's way with 33% of total traffic on mobile. (source)

It's quite likely these numbers are just the start. Japan has been ahead of the World in mobile for many years. Mixi, the top social networking site in Japan is an indicator of how far things can go. Four and a half years ago, 14% of Mixi's page views were on mobile. Today, 85% of page views are on mobile. When your numbers look like that, mobile first thinking makes a ton of sense.