Data Monday: The Tablet Market

by April 25, 2011

Are we really entering a post-PC era of computing? The usage and growth of smartphones seems to indicate we are. But what about tablets? Here's a quick look at the current state of the tablet market.

  • Electronics makers are predicted to generate $49 billion in sales of tablet computers by 2015. (source)
  • iPad generated nearly 100% of media tablet revenues in 2010. (source)
  • iOS will account for 69% of media tablet OSs in 2011, and represent 47 percent of the media tablet market in 2015. (source)
  • The first iPad sold more than 15 million units in three quarters. (source)
  • This quarter Apple sold-through 5.1 million iPad units, compared with 7.33 million in Q1. (source)
  • 7.8 million people in the United States own an Apple iPad. (source)
  • 56.1% of iPad owners are men, 49.4% make more than $100,000 a year, and 27% of owners are between the ages of 25 and 34. (source)
  • Motorola has sold 100,000 Xoom tablets (powered by Android) so far. For some context, Apple sold 300,000 iPads on the first day it was available. (source)
  • Early reports estimate that Research in Motion (RIM) moved around 50,000 units on day one of PlayBook tablet sales. (source)