Data Monday: Beyond Blogging

by February 28, 2011

While "traditional" blogging on the Web is by no means dead, new publishing platforms in the form of micro-blogs, Q&A, and more are experiencing tremendous growth.

  • Twitter has reached nearly 200 million registered accounts who post 110 million tweets per day as of January 2011. That’s up from 160 million registered accounts as of September 2010 and 95 million tweets per day as of early December 2010. (source)
  • Tumblr is growing by a quarter billion impressions every week. In January 2011, Tumblr did 1.2 billion impressions, or pageviews, and it is adding 250 million every week. Over the last 30 days, that came to 4.2 billion pageviews. All of that is coming from 19 million unique visitors per month globally. (source)
  • Posterous has 12.3 million total blogs and 9.2 million monthly visitors on its own site and on custom domains. That’s up from 6 million in September. (source)
  • Quora had 150% growth in January 2011 and 160k monthly actives and 18k daily active users. (source)