Data Monday: Input Matters on Mobile

by September 13, 2010

Web forms make or break the most crucial online interactions: checkout (commerce), communication & registration (social), data input (productivity), and any task requiring information entry. These activities are taking off in a big way on mobile. So getting input on mobile devices matters more each day.


  • Globally, consumers are expected to spend $119 billion by 2015 through their mobile phones, accounting for about 8% of all e-commerce activity. (source)
  • The total value of mobile payments around the world will quadruple from $170 billion in 2010 to $630 billion in 2014. (source)
  • PayPal's mobile transactions show dramatic growth, increasing nearly six-fold, from $25 million in 2008 to $141 million in 2009. (source)
  • PayPal expects to close out 2010 with over $500 million in mobile payment volume, and more than 5 million members regularly using PayPal from mobile devices. (source)
  • Amazon customers spent more than $1 billion via mobile device in the past 12 months, including sales by Kindle. (source)
  • OpenTable announced that it has now seated more than three million diners through its mobile applications, marking a 200% increase in eight months. Based on a $50 average check per diner, OpenTable estimates that diners using its mobile applications have generated more than $150 million in revenue for its restaurant partners. (source)
  • Consumers worldwide bought 1.5 million items from eBay using their mobile device during the 2009 holiday season. Consumers purchased an item from one of eBay’s mobile outlets every two seconds in 2009, with buyers and sellers making over half a billion dollars in transactions from their cell phones. (source)
  • The eBay iPhone app was responsible for $600 million in volume last year. (source)


  • There is a double-digit (28 percent) rise in the prevalence of social networking behavior by mobile web users. (source)
  • Twitter's total mobile users has jumped 62 percent since mid-April, and, remarkably, 16 percent of all new users to Twitter start on mobile now, as opposed to the five percent before Twitter launched their first Twitter-branded mobile client. (source)
  • 46 percent of active Twitter users make mobile a regular part of their Twitter experience. (source)
  • Facebook Mobile is the most downloaded mobile app by users with Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iOS and Symbian powered devices. (source)
  • 30.8% of smartphone users accessed social networking sites via their mobile browser in January 2010, up 8.3 points from 22.5 percent one year ago. (source)


  • The dominance of email activity on mobile devices continues with an increase from 37.4 percent to 41.6 percent of U.S. mobile Internet time. (source)