Data Monday: Social's Growth on Mobile

by March 8, 2010

Since that last time I outlined the growth of social networking on mobile devices (in November 2009), things have only accelerated. Here's a few recent statistics on the growth of social activity on mobile devices.

  • In January 2010, 11.1% of all mobile phone users accessed a social networking site via mobile browser, an increase of 4.6% points from the previous year. (source)
  • 30.8% of smartphone users accessed social networking sites via their mobile browser in January 2010, up 8.3 points from 22.5 percent one year ago. (source)
  • Access to Facebook via mobile browser grew 112% in the past year to 25.1 million users in January 2010. (source)
  • Access to Twitter via mobile browser experienced a 347% jump to 4.7 million users in January 2010. (source)
  • Facebook’s iPhone usage jumped 20% in under a week at the start of March 2010 (source)
  • More than 100 million people actively using Facebook from their mobile devices every month. This comes less than six months after Facebook announced 65 million people on Facebook Mobile. (source)