Input: Moving Beyond Forms

by November 7, 2011

Input: Moving Beyond Forms


A web app can't exist without the user's input. We need the data, but do we need the form? Traditional web forms, made up from text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, and a submit button, have been the mainstay of application design. In e-commerce, social applications, and productivity tools, web forms continue to define crucial web interactions. Thankfully, new approaches for input now give designers more to work with and create better user experiences.

Today's rich interaction techniques, powered by technologies like Ajax, move us beyond the static submit-and-refresh page model, delivering users real-time feedback and providing lightweight interactions. With these tools, we increase the quality and accuracy of user inputs, encourage further contributions, and reduce the users' pain. What was a static form now becomes an engaging conversation.

Luke will explore several novel ways web applications can collect user input, through both mobile devices and desktop software, without forcing users to complete a lengthy sequential forms. He’ll provide detailed research-based solutions that articulate not only the “how” but the “why” as well. You'll walk away with practical web form design solutions you'll immediately put to use.

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