First Person User Interfaces

by September 25, 2012

First Person User Interfaces



Following in the tradition of Command Line, GUI, and NUI interface paradigms, first person interfaces continue to reduce the layers of abstraction between the digital and the real. With first person interfaces we can allow people to interact digitally with the real world as they are currently experiencing it. This allows people to:

  • Navigate the space around them
  • Augment their immediate surroundings
  • Interact with nearby objects, locations, or people

First person interfaces enable people to interact with the real world through a set of "always on" sensors. Simply place a computing device in a specific location, near a specific object or person, and automatically get relevant output based on who you are, where you are, and who or what is near you.

The technology to make this happen is here today but these interfaces are in their infancy –they need our help.

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