IDEA09: The Impact of Social Models

by September 20, 2009

In my The Impact of Social Models talk at IDEA09 in Toronto, I presented an overview of the different ways social relationships are modeled in online software and examined if these distinct approaches resulted in different online behavior.

TheDownload the slides: The Impact of Social Models (8.6 MB PDF)

Notes from my talk:

Official Description:

As Richard Farson’s truism “no one smokes in church no matter how addicted” points out, context informs almost everything that happens in an environment. Online social experiences are no exception.

How a product’s social model is set up can impact not only who contributes, but how much, and why. From permission-based subscriptions to one-click follows, Luke will discuss the attributes and implications of several popular social models by looking at data and behavior in the Web’s most popular social applications.