Motion Detection for Windows & Mac

by July 16, 2009

Continuing the thread of understanding consumer product platform capabilities, Bill Gates today confirmed that Microsoft's Project Natal (a full body motion capture system) is not only for the XBox gaming platform but for the Windows operating system as well.

"Gates talked about a world in which depth-sensing cameras such as the one Microsoft is adding to the Xbox allow people to control their PCs, game devices, and televisions. Using your body to control devices makes a lot of sense, Gates said."

Apple Inc. likely has a similar system in the works if patents for the Apple "wand" lead to a product release.

"Apple is exploring the possibility of including a wireless "remote wand" that would unlock three-dimensional controls similar to those offered by Nintendo's Wii controller."

In short, motion detection input devices are coming to the Windows and OS X operating systems. What kinds of software will follow?