An Event Apart: Change the World (Wide Web)?

by May 7, 2009

Scott Thomas, design director of the Obama campaign, talked about Changing the World (Wide Web) at An Event Apart Seattle.

  • The Obama new media team consisted of analytics, email media, online advertising, social networks, blogs, etc. The team measured feedback, effectiveness, and adjust course constantly based on what was working.
  • Saul Sender designed the Obama logo.
  • The campaign used design to communicate the solidity of campaign. Consistency of message and big brand feel was used to counter the inexperience of candidate.
  • The team very carefully managed the color control of campaign materials. Ensured the colors behind Obama were consistently blue and not green, yellow, or red.
  • Lots of historical design elements were woven into the design of campaign artifacts.
  • Had six weeks to design the campaign Web site. Spent first three weeks on IA, then had three weeks to design and develop.
  • Streamed every campaign event on the Web site.
  • Politics is the Olympics of technology. Happens every four years and uses all the latest technology at the top of its game.
  • Needed to create a simple way to get people registered to vote. SimpleVote: 70% completion rates. Divided questions across multiple pages. One question per page.
  • Information overload, excessive email, unclear communication –all these can be made better by Web designers.