Audio: The Value of Web Forms and Design Constraints

by April 18, 2009

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Craig Shoemaker, of the Polymorphic Podcast, about The Value of Web Forms and Design Constraints. In particular, how adding constraints helps shape the design process and why Web form design matters.

Check out the podcast on the Polymorphic site. Download the audio as an mp3 (27.9 MB). In the interview we discuss:

  • Web pages may be crafted to do just about anything – the trick is to build build appropriate constraints
  • When you are trying to get a message across you begin by adding elements. Then its time to remove until the core essence shines through
  • Whether you are looking to comment on an article, buy a product, sign up for a service, do some data entry, upload video or just about anything else on the web – you do it through a web form.
  • In the end the form is a barrier to what people really want to do – interact somehow with the website.