Interaction 09: Carpe Diem

by February 8, 2009

Dan Saffer’s Carpe Diem keynote at Interaction 09 suggested multiple ways interaction designers can grow as a profession.

  • Our beliefs and our attention are the same fact. –William James
  • We should not just be considered problem solvers. Design is also about invention. We are not just janitors mopping up the problems of business.
  • How can we be more aware of what we are doing?
  • Resist the defining interaction design discussions. Each individual develops his own framing of how to solve problems. We need to move between the frames.
  • There are no best practices. Once you change context, you can quickly turn a best practice into a bad idea.
  • Instead of design thinking, let’s think and make. Design details that what makes things work. Details are where we gain respect.
  • Don’t forget that for most, the interface is the system. A good interaction design wrapped up in bad presentation designs can result in a bad result. Aesthetics matter.
  • Emotion matter. Logical thinking is effective but we need emotions to engage people. Sometimes it benefits us to be more like artists than like scientists.
  • Steal from other disciplines. Movies and architecture.
  • Look to the past for inspiration. The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
  • We need to make interaction design stars.
  • Stop waiting for permission. Typically in a service industry –get requirements and constraints. We don’t have to do that. Can find own problems to solve.
  • You already know what you need to know to design the future.
  • Don’t fear storms –they help you learn how to sail your ship.