Web Form Design: Three Reviews

by August 4, 2008

Three recent reviews of my new book, Web Form Design:

"Most importantly, Wroblewski doesn’t just stop at the layout of web forms, he touches on every aspect of web form design. He warns about unnecessary fields, gives pointers on constructing useful error and success messages, and provides ideas on dynamic form behavior and gradual engagement. I highly recommend Luke Wroblewski’s Web Form Design for anyone who is even thinking about designing a form for the web" -Joe Lencioni, Gustavus Adolphus College

"The end result is extremely readable, and the content is very strong. Luke makes recommendations based on hard data, common-sense observations, and his own UX expertise." -Jeff Stevenson, Experience Planner

"It’s a very specialist book, but one that will probably stand the test of time better than a lot of other technical books. For anyone who designs web forms on a reasonably frequent basis, this is an essential read." -Philip Morton, BT.com