Event: WritersUA Conference

by February 29, 2008

WritersUA 2008On March 18th I'll be speaking at the Sixteenth Annual WritersUA Conference in Portland, Oregon about applying using visual hierarchy to guide people through key messages, data, and actions on Web sites and applications.

Using Visual Hierarchy to Convey Information

In this session, Luke will outline the way people naturally scan information pages and explain how you can guide users through key content and actions using visual hierarchy to construct meaningful, prioritized page layouts. You’ll be taken through multiple before and after examples with explanations of how a page’s content was prioritized, why, and how that priority is being communicated to users so they don’t need to rely on chance to learn how to do what they need to do.

  • How the principles behind visual communication can be used to effectively convey messages, outline actions, organize information, and structure data.
  • How people scan for information (with video examples of user behavior).
  • Why understanding how we make sense of what we see allows us to create information that communicates what are products/services do, how to use them, and why this information is important.

Hope to see some of you there.