Judging PopPhizz Design Challenge in Austin

by November 19, 2007

Microsoft's PhizzPop Design Challenge is coming to Austin, TX on Friday December 12th and I'll be on the judging stand with social media doyenne Erica O'Grady and Norm Cox, one of the designers of the Xerox Star computer. What's PhizzPop you ask?

The PhizzpPop Design Challenge is a public competition focused on the designer/developer workflow while solving an experience design problem. Following a period of training, particpating teams will be presented with the design problem and personas. The teams will have the next two and a half days to solve the design problem. At the end of the work period there will be a reception/party at which 6 teams of 2‐3 people competing at each event (each representing a top agency) will present and demonstrate their solution to the panel of judges.

If you're planning to be at the Austin reception, stop by and say hi. Thanks to Will & Chris on the Microsoft UX team for inviting me to participate.