SxSW: Uniting the Holy Trinity of Web Design

by March 12, 2007

The Uniting the Holy Trinity of Web Design panel at SxSW2007 discussed the importance of bringing business, design, and development considerations together to make great products.

  • The Holy Trinity: business, user, development
  • Need to get buy in from full team: communication is important.
  • Generalists are out of Fashion? Web masters were the norm previously. Specialization scares smart people.
  • Small teams are good teams. At Yahoo! Sports, teams of 4-5 work in small groups then get together.
  • Empower your development team.
  • Physical separation might create artificial team separation.
  • Having fun with your team is important: get time together to lighten mood.
  • Making people happy: it keeps teams together and excited.
  • Extreme programming helps making coding more engaging and interactive vs. being solidarity.
  • Stand-up meetings help make you aware of what everyone is doing and empathize with their roadblocks and milestones.
  • If you include your client in the process, they feel vested in the solution. Your client is part of the team.
  • How to assemble a great: people make the difference.