UI11: Attributes of Great UX Teams

by October 14, 2006

Jared Spool’s keynote at User Interface 11 illustrated several attributes of great user experience deign teams with vivid (and often humorous) examples. What great teams do:

  • Create, Promote, and Share a Common Experience Vision: the Knowledge Navigator video was shown as an example of how Apple illustrated their vision of the future. But you could do the same with comics or other lightweight mediums.
  • Celebrate Design Problems as a Teachable Moment: uncovering issues with your design is an opportunity to improve your user experience.
  • Empower to Make Informed Decisions: know your users and their context so you can make the right decisions.
  • Reach Out to all Design Agents: even the lawyers at your firm can have an impact on user experience. Reach out to these types of teams and work with them to coordinate a cohesive design.
  • Look at the Entire User Experience: account for a broader set of customer touchpoints.