Design Patterns: Communicating Patterns

by October 11, 2006

The second Design Patterns conversation between James Reffell, Bill Scott, Jenifer Tidwell, Martijn van Welie, and myself has gotten underway at the Yahoo! User Interface Blog:

Design Patterns: What's the best way to communicate a pattern?

The first Design Patterns conversation, What do we mean by Design Patterns?, can be found on Functioning Form. About the Design Pattern conversations:

In the Spring of 2006, a group of designers intimately familiar with the organization and development of design pattern resources got together to discuss the current and future role of design patterns in the real world. We talked about defining and documenting patterns, the context required to communicate how patterns should be applied, what it takes to develop a design language, and how disparate lists of patterns could converge. It’s our hope this conversation continues.