SxSW: Dogma Free Design

by March 18, 2006

The Dogma Free Design panel I was on with Kelly Goto, Joel Grossman, and Dirk Knemeyer at SxSW2006 was an interesting discussion about the role of design and designers within an industry traditionally dominated by engineering and business processes and constraints. Our slides and a number of notes/discussions from the panel:

Dogma Free Design slides (PDF)

“A/B testing is like comparing McDonald’s burgers with mayo to McDonald’s burgers with mustard (analogy stolen from one of the panelists). At some point a radical change is required to move forward with the design of the site or product or whatever.” –Chat Clussman

“This panel was excellent, meaning I forgot to take a lot of notes. The primary message was to throw out the dogma and rhetoric and adopt practices and beliefs that actually work for design.” -Jared Christensen

“Because the engineering process was first, a lot the language of design had to be moved into a language and process that marketing and engineering could understand.” - Jamin Hegeman

“Who can define the problem can define the solution. ?If you can articulate the problem design vs biz.. then you can define the answer.” –Design Rabbit

“This was a good discussion about getting past numerical measures of good design, and back to the basics of producing things that make sense to the end-user.” –SonSpring

“Design skills are now currently only used in the implementation stage, but could really be useful higher up the process, in the idea stage and communication stage.”

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