Follow-ups: 03-08-2006

by March 8, 2006

Follow-up for: User Experience Diagrams

Importance of User Experience

A concept map of general usability and user experience concepts. -Experience Dynamics

Definition of user experience

A tool for brainstorming and defining “goodness” of user experience for a product. -Niko Nyman (Thanks Niko)

Follow-up for: Personality is Inevitable

Celebrity Brands –Pop Matters

“We finally start to see what’s at stake in his account of how brands like Cheerios apparently develop personalities that marketers then try to assess and describe to the brands’ owners so they may exploit that character. The idea that customers write letters to celebrate brands suggests not so much gratitude for their existence but a recognition that brands have what society seems most to validate and treasure: fame, celebrity, universal recognition.” (Thanks Steve)

Follow-up for: Multi-Point Interactions

NuLOOQ Input Device –Logitech

The NuLOOQ addresses the time-intensive elements of design — navigating images, adjusting option values, and accessing menus — to help creative users work smarter. As a designer your focus is continually interrupted by the tasks of locating and adjusting tools as well as precisely positioning the cursor…” (Thanks Micah)