Design 2.0 & More

by January 18, 2006

Core77 and BusinessWeek are extending their collaborative discussions on strategic design and innovation with a series of events under the Design 2.0 moniker.

The first event, From Complexity to Clarity: Distilling the ingredients of great customer experiences, will take place February 28th in New York and feature Bruce Nussbaum moderating, along with panelists Kevin Farnham from Method, Marissa Mayer from Google, Jeaneanne Rae from Peer Insight, and Andrew Zolli from Z-Plus Partners.

“One of the biggest challenges of brand and service design is to take complex systems and represent them to users as simple and clear experiences. From Google to Apple, from Kodak to FedEx, this panel discussion will center on the strategies for developing clear artifacts and experiences from sophisticated palettes.”

As this topic relates to a lot of our discussions on Functioning Form, we’ll be providing a recap for readers following this event.

On a related note, bplusd recently unearthed a 2004 Finnish study on helping (mostly small) design firms transition to more strategic consulting offerings (PDF, 59 pages).

Meanwhile Dan Saffer publishes the preliminary table of contents for his upcoming book Designing for Interaction. Dirk Knemeyer & Eric Svoboda add a definition of User Experience to David Heller questions the way in which desktop interactions are brought online and TechSmith (makers of Morae) are giving away free t-shirts!