Follow-Ups: 01-14-06

by January 14, 2006

Follow-up for InfoViz Resources

Visual explanations -Jon Udell

“Over the weekend my local newspaper syndicated a Washington post story about the challenges that Microsoft is facing. It included a large infographic which caught my eye. For Christmas I got two of Edward Tufte's books that I've read but never owned: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information and Visual Explanations. After rereading them, it's painful to look at newspaper and magazine infographics.”

Clear | Journal of Information Design -AIGA

“Clearly, there's a crying need for information design in our modern world, for data that is organized, written and presented so everyone can understand it. When the design of information is left to chance the result is information anxiety.”

Follow up for: Designers Shaping Things

The Internet of things -BusinessWeek

“Bruce Sterling, the word-slinging science-fiction author from Texas, planned to write a book set in an age of ubiquitous computing -- in which every object is embedded with an RFID tag and can communicate with every other object. In the resulting tome, Shaping Things, and in this podcast, Sterling takes us on a wild ride through the history of techno-culture and into a future shaped by an Internet of Things.”