Video: Mobile Navigation, Conversion, Input, & More

by November 17, 2014

Conversions@Google published a complete video recording of my two and a half hour seminar last month (September 2014 in Dublin) on optimizing mobile experiences for conversion using design.

In part one I walk through the mobile opportunity and outline how to build for it using design considerations. To illustrate this process I detail the good and bad of several mobile navigation solutions including off-canvas layouts and the hamburger menu. Along the way I introduce and explain several important guiding principles in mobile design.

In part two, I dive deep into mobile form design by explaining several techniques that increase form conversion, decrease errors, and improve the user experience overall. From treating drop-down menus as the UI of last resort to single-input payment forms, I provide loads of examples to illustrate each form design technique.

Thanks to the Conversions@Google team for making these sessions available to all.